Defective GFCI at Los Angeles Home Inspection

Defective GFCI receptacle. I always check every receptacle where GFCI protection is required today, regardless of the age of the building. GFCI outlets have reduced residential electrocutions by 87% since their invention.


Burbank House of Horrors

The kinds of horrors I see when doing a Burbank Home Inspection!

Moisture Intrusion at Hollywood home inspection

Major moisture intrusion at a Hollywood home inspection.



Home Inspection Burbank Foundation & Drainage Issue

How Sink Traps Work

Los Angeles Soft Story Retrofit

Simpson Strong Tie Presents Their Solution for the City of Los Angeles Soft Story Retrofit Program.

Frankenstein's Microwave

Nearly had a fire at this Granada Hills Home Inspection, defective microwave oven. There was nothing in it, this is the condition I found it in!​

AI Encounter

My first encounter with an AI at a home inspection in Los Angeles.


Trip Hazard Walk and Steps

A walk and some steps from my travels. Just when you think you've seen it all.

Electrical Fire Starter Video

A commercial inspection of a beauty salon revealed this in the attic.