Trip Hazard Walk and Steps

A walk and some steps from my travels. Just when you think you've seen it all.

Electrical Fire Starter Video

A commercial inspection of a beauty salon revealed this in the attic.


Critical Information on Smoke Alarm Types

What type of smoke alarms do you have in your home? The type is critical, as my friend Skip Walker explaines.


So Cal Gas Co. Bollard Install Timelapse

A 2 minute timelapse video of a bollard installation next to my townhouse here in Burbank.


Plumbing Trap, Santa Clarita Home Inspection

There was a bad odor at the kitchen sink. When I looked below, it was easy to see why.


Inspecting a Remodel Video

This was a newly remodeled home inspection in Los Angeles County. The roof is likely to leak at the first rain, and there are several safety items to be addressed before my client can move in with small children.


Heat and Air Conditioning - a Simple Explanation


What Type Smoke Alarm do You Have?

Why should you care what type alarm you have? Watch this.



Dangerous Patio Cover at Burbank Home Inspection

This patio cover is not safe to stand under, much less let your kids swing from! I found this during a Burbank home inspection recently and had to advise my client to tear it down and start over.

How and When to Test GFCIs

A short video home inspection tip on how to test GFCIs.

Some GFCIs should be tested even more often than once a month, such as ones connected to pool or spa equipment. They should be tested before each use!