Why Inspect a New Home?

Does a brand new home, built to code and approved by the city inspector, really need to be inspected? Of course. The city inspector is bound by codes alone, a home inspector is free to express opinions beyond the codes, some of which may be very important to you're family's safety.


Leaking Shower, Burbank Home Inspection

This walk in shower, found at a Burbank home inspection,

was leaking slowly at two places. If you own one of these, or are contemplating owning one, I suggest you keep an eye on where the water goes. I had this one filled for about an hour before I looked at it from the bottom, under the house. It was only dripping slowly, at least for now.

How to Inspect an Inaccessible Roof

Aerial Photographic Roof Inspection in Burbank.

Usually, when faced with a 2 story, tile roof, I had to defer to a roofing company for further evaluation. Well, not anymore. We have a new tool for aerial inspection. Now there is no roof I can not inspect!

PSA - Tree Down in a High Wind

Burbank Home Inspector finds a downed tree and investigates the conditions that led up to the failure.


Federal Pacific Electrical Panel - Replacement Breakers?

As a home inspector, I see this brand of panel sometimes. I always tell my client the circuit breakers are likely to fail to protect the house wiring and are a potential fire hazard, waiting for a short circuit to happen and start a fire. I recommend replacement of the panel. For further details, see the article here:

Codecheck FPE article by Douglas Hansen

Water Heater or Bomb?!

This is a Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve, or TPRV. Every water heater is required to have one. Why? In the unlikely but possible case that something goes haywire and the tank overheats. When a water heater goes rogue, bad things can happen. Follow the link at the end of this article for a short but entertaining demo of what can happen to a 2 story house if one blows up. A defective water heater can blow with the same force as a stick of dynamite.

New Kitchen Safety Tips

Here are a couple of safety items to watch out for, whether it's a newly remodeled kitchen or not. I find the tip bracket missing on over 90% of the homes I inspect, and every year children are injured in a topple accident.


When is a bedroom not a bedroom?

Although advertised as one, this room in a San Fernando Valley condo is NOT a bedroom!

I take a look at a life safety issue with a room that has been advertised as a bedroom. It's not. The room doesn't even come close, due to lack of proper emergency egress, required at all "sleeping rooms", as they are called in the building standards. I see this condition, either bars or too small or too high, on far too many inspections.

House Commits Real Estate Suicide!

MYTH: Property inspectors "Kill" deals

FACT: Some houses are beyond some buyer's skill/means

Garage Door Safety

Why Check Your Garage Door?

A garage door is the largest, heaviest and potentially most dangerous moving object in a home. For some reason, they tend to be left off the home maintenance chore list by most people. You do have a list, don't you?