Protect large investments with small home fixes


Three tips for extreme home energy savings

Three tips for extreme home energy savings

Homeowners here expect to get a bill from Burbank water and power each month, but opening one for a particularly expensive month can be a real shocker. If your bills seem consistently higher than what they should be, it's time to look for hidden energy drains and consider some changes that can make a huge difference.

Here are three tips that can reduce your energy bill by a lot.

Tip 1: Assess the roof

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Houses - Repair, Upgrade, Safety…What’s YOUR Priority?

Part Three: UPGRADES

Finally, the good part! NOW that you have all your safety and critical maintenance items complete, you can consider improving your home for greater comfort and efficiency. Even though upgrades are so much a matter of personal taste, I can make some priority suggestions. If your “new” house is more than 15-20 years old...

Houses - Repair, Upgrade, Safety…What’s YOUR Priority?

Part Two: Repair

Why should you look into needed repairs before considering upgrades to your house? Many times, it just makes economic sense. What if you were to remodel your kitchen, only to find out later you have insect damage to your subfloor, and all those new counters, cabinets and flooring has to be pulled out to repair it?

Houses - Repair, Upgrade, Safety…What’s YOUR Priority?

Part One:

Different people have different priorities in the life of a house. An owner might want to preserve his investment, or just continue to have a roof over his head. Later, that same person might want to sell the house and his priorities may change to cosmetic concerns to sell the house faster or to raise his return on investment. An investor who has purchased a “fixer-upper” to flip might have cosmetic priorities ONLY, and not be concerned at all about moisture intrusion, the number one enemy of all houses.

Deck Safety

How old is your deck? Did you know the average life expectancy of a deck is 10 – 15 years?There are millions of decks in the U.S. older than that, and hundreds of injuries and yes, even deaths each year from collapsing decks. What can you do to help ensure you are safe?  I’ll give you a brief rundown on what to look for.

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