Is My Pool Leaking?

Leaky Pool? Leaky Spa?

Efflorescence - What the Heck is that??

Efflorescence is a deposit that remains on masonry materials when mineral-laden moisture evaporates, leaving a chalky white substance on the surface.

Here's a great example -

Pool Spa Leak

There are two processes happening here. Water that has been improperly cared for, improperly balanced, has been flowing into the pool from the spa. Heavy deposits are visible around the spillways. But what about the middle area? Water is actually seeping through the spa shell, mortar and tile grout. Some of the tiles have fallen off, either because the mortar failed or because the tile was improperly installed.

Here's another example with a different veneer-

Note the white mortar joints toward the right side.

Leaky Pool Spa

Farther around to the right side, note the white deposits on the adjacent brick steps.

Here's a close up. There has been so much deposit on the stone, a tiny stalactite is forming!


What is the fix for this? Extensive remodeling, starting with partial or total removal of the spa shell plaster. Since plaster is not totally waterproof, the original builder should have added a waterproofing product under the plaster. That will have to be added now to stop the moisture from migrating through the materials. The white deposits may respond to acid washing, or they may need more drastic measures.

What is the moral of the story? First, build it right in the first place. Second, ONLY hire a pool professional if he knows and uses the Langelier Saturation Index regarding PH and minerals on a weekly basis to service your pool. One may be found at the International Pool & Spa Association web site.