Home Inspection Checklist Burbank II

Home Inspection Checklist Burbank

First in a series of educational videos to help you pick the best house.


A Rainy Day Inspection in Sylmar, Los Angeles

How to inspect a Deck

Beautiful Downtown Burbank.

"The seller said the heater/AC was practically new!" Riiiight. I found it was original to the building, it failed to operate, and my client walked. Good thing I get on roofs when possible, even on condo inspections!

A Climb and Fall Hazard Found at a Pomona Condo Inspection

View from a North Hills home inspection.

High Window Fall Hazard!

Stunning View from Marina Del Rey High rise!


Federal Pacific, Zinsco, SylvaniaElectric Panels are a fire hazard.

Go here for more details from the experts.

Smoke Alarms - What Type Do You Have?

Dramatic Smoke Alarm Test.

Condo Safety Hazard at Burbank Home Inspection

Fire Hazard Addition in Toluca Lake, Burbank

Ceiling fan found in a bathroom at a Toluca Lake inspection.

Why Get an Inspection?

Climbing a 2nd Story Roof